Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Eat & Stay Healthy

Should I Eat This or That!

It’s a dilemma these days when it comes to choice in food. Some tell you to eat and some would say not to. Seriously! Eating was never this difficult or measured in grams before putting in your plate.
Having a healthy food choice is all you need and how much you eat and in what proportions matter. I remember our elders saying; don’t eat till your throat fills up. It simply means eat how much you are hungry and just don’t overeat.

But these days we have so many suggestions and advice when it comes to what’s on our plate. One morning I read an article on paper that says “potatoes are a big no. They are not good” I stopped eating potatoes. The other week a new article emerges saying potatoes are good for you. Now this is where it’s all confusing. We tend to follow every diet and advice we read or hear. The one thing we don’t do is -listening. Whom do we listen?  “Our body” listen to your body. We are all not the same. So is our body. The metabolism rate differs from body to body. One cannot blindly follow a diet chart what others follow. 

One needs to remember that our eating behavior, our weight and height, is all determined by genetics and environment. Eat what you like but in moderation and exercise regularly to keep your metabolism in check. Unless you are on strict diet by a doctor or have any food allergies. We must enjoy and celebrate food and not abuse it.

Let go and Move on!

No. You can’t do it”

“It’s not for you. You can never finish it.”

“You are not focused because you are not committed.”

We have constantly been told what we can do and what we can’t achieve. This critic can motivate or demotivate some. In life, we must be prepared to take NO for an answer. The one thing we all don’t understand is the simple meaning of NO. You need not find any hidden answers or an agenda to this simple ‘NO”.

The biggest lesson one can learn is to hear a NO and not take it personally. In life, some people can get over it, while some get devastated by this simple NO. From the time we were kids, we have heard this lot of time, when we are told no to many things we asked for. We must have felt sad at that moment, but after a while we would just let that feeling pass, as we grew older, the simple NO made or broke a person. We have forgotten how to let go and move on.

With the time moving so fast it’s becoming a challenge to keep up in the current race. We have lost the skills to acknowledge or give regards to people. We no longer feel empathetic. We don’t really analyze our own potential. We feel left out or hurt when we face rejections.  Have we humans become so sensitive these days? What can we do to bring a change?

One can definitely meditate, do yoga, and try finding the peace within. Keeping our minds focused helps us and mostly having a commitment towards a desired goal. What is commitment? For some it might mean to promise, they will survive at any cost and not give up or loose hope.

For some it awakens a strong sense to aim and have purpose. They plan out a vision and mission to stay focused to fulfill their desired aim. Be it in relationships, work, personal achievement or sports, everyone has their agendas and goal to commit themselves in opportunities given.

To stick with the process of commitment one needs stay positive and believe in themselves and though it sounds very cliched and easy, it’s not, we doubt our instincts. But we need to stop doubting and believe in our purpose and survive the challenges the life throws at us. One must believe in the faith they have, be it in the form of god or destiny or whatever we wish to call it, it’s always by our side.

Never look back and have second thoughts. The moment one doubts the whole world comes crashing and all the energy we put to focus crumbles under our feet. The world is always harsh, never give up. Be committed to yourself and the one you love. You will find the purpose and the gist to move ahead.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Embrace Change for Good

“If you resist change, you resist life.”
-Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Change is certain and one cannot escape from it. We do know that sometimes we can hardly do anything about it. The world around us keeps changing and we make alterations to our lives. Transforming doesn’t come easily to everyone. Sometimes these random modifying of our lives affects us both in positive and in a negative way.

Change is needed and it’s a part of our lives and we can’t overlook it. We have seen changes in ourselves from the very start. Since our growing days we have seen change. How we cope with it depends on us.

There are some changes which are unavoidable and wish that change doesn’t happen but there is nothing one can do. Some resort to denial.  Some take in a positive sense and work on it.
How we cope with depends on how we look at it. For some it’s the stress that takers over their thinking process. Accepting the change helps one deal with the stress. Letting go of one’s own baggage helps immensely on the personality of a person. It transforms them and changes their attitude for good.

Some take the path of spirituality, whereas some like to travel. Any journey they choose positively is a step closer to finding inner peace and balance in life and accepting change and embracing it.
Changing your environment also helps. Look for people with same mindset and positive thinking. 

They say forgiving helps one loose the burden they carry on their shoulders. Forgiving someone helps you feel lighter from within and you no longer feel the burden of hate. Changing our mind and focusing on our goals gives you a broader vision to take on life and accept the difference.

Broaden your horizon, explore and improve knowledge. Feel happy about things in life and understand the need for the change. This gives you the capacity to understand and grow. Guiding yourself and others in need helps you analyse your true potential.

The world around us might not be the same. We need to embrace it and move on. Change definitely is inevitable.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Depression in Kids

Some ask can a child be depressed. Are there any childhood depressions? Well the answer is yes! Every being has emotions, be it a child or an adult. A child has many kinds of emotions to deal with and it is important to know that children are sensitive. They are at this stage of learning how to deal with these emotions. The environment that they live in, their surroundings, the people they meet, the kind of emotional state that are in, It all affects them mentally. So, one cannot sideline the emotional state of a child by brushing it off as he/she is “sad”.
The symptoms vary from child to child and one cannot conclude that a child is going through a depression.
Sometimes you can notice some changes in their personality, though not drastic changes, whereas, some go unnoticed. A child doesn’t necessarily show these traits, as most of the time it’s masked with being scared to share emotions or feel like they would be judged.
Yet you can notice some changes like, when a child is very moody or shows very little interest in whatever activity he/she is doing. Sometimes this leads to feeling hopeless and have mood swings. They are sad most of the time and they don’t feel that they have the confidence in them. They feel demotivated most of the time.
 Sometimes a child might like being left alone and doesn’t wish to socialise. Changes in the appetite, feeling sleepy or not able to get enough sleep and being anxious about everything.
 It again depends on a child. As a parent, one should always be open to conversations no matter how small the issue is. When you look at it from the child’s perspective, the issue is much bigger. So brushing it off as silly and avoid having a talk will only make a child go back to sulking.
It’s not like a child shows these symptoms all the time.  It comes and goes occasionally. Before it all gets serious, parents need to become the support system and be there for their kids. Be a listener, don’t judge them or tell them they are wrong. Have patience and put forth your opinions across in such a way that they must not feel you are forcing it upon them.
We adults have had the experience and we look at things in a total different way. The experiences we have had might not apply to the kids anymore. So we need to be understandable and motivate our kids to speak their heart and mind out. As we all know the technology has an impact on our children’s mind. So how we deal with it is very important. Most kids have started feeling unsecured due to the social media and the peer pressure which were unknown to us parents when we were teenagers.
We need to make kids aware that social media has its benefits but how well one needs to use; we need to guide them before the social media engulfs them with its virtual perfect life that it portrays.
Depression comes in many shades and it’s not easy to get over it. Having a change in the environment or changes in one’s lifestyle. All can bring a positive change to one’s mind.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Humans & Eternity

It’s good to know that humans have evolved and are the dominant species on Earth. Conquering every place and even exploring our universe.
Humans have always been curious and have had the hunger to explore and be adventurous in everything they do. Be it the inventions, discoveries. Name it and you have a mind working on it. Flash back to 20 years ago. We humans had visualized many things. Today, at the present you can see those dreams getting shape.
Why are we so unsatisfied? No matter what goals we set, we always set another goal to top the previous. We have set foot on moon. We’re exploring our neighbouring planets, have sent artificial satellites into the space. We have every tracking device on every breathing thing on this planet.
There is nothing that we humans have set an agenda on and not dreamt of fulfilling it. But even after so much of technological advancement and inventions. We still feel we haven’t reached the ultimate destination.
What could it be, you may ask? Well, let’s simply put it as human’s soul. We are born, we live, and we perish. We have scientific explanation to everything. But what happens after life? This puzzles many. Many have vague ideas of what might happen after life, depending on what you do with your life when you have one.
It’s complicated and it has such deep spiritual attachment to it that, one cannot just make some blunt statements regarding it.
We have our holy books to guide us spiritually. And many go into such deep thoughts by taking spiritual road and walk in the same path.
But there is always this question on our back has anyone seen or knows what happens in afterlife. We visit all the holy places, finding answers for these questions. Yet they remain unanswered. You might get an explanation but you are not satisfied.
One can only think about it and admire that some things in nature are out of humans reach. Even the space, our universe, you can go to a certain distance and then all you see is dark space staring right back at you.
There is so much to know and explore. But a human’s life is numbered by days. We may predict future but we haven’t seen it. We don’t know what’s in store for us. All we can do is live on and wait.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Kids and technology


Are our kids getting enough physical exercise these days in the Era of smartphones?  I guess not.  We adults ourselves spend time on these gadgets, and we shouldn't blame when we see our kids do the same.

We mothers are really bothered about how much screen time is good or bad. Having a naughty, cranky or hyperactive kid around all the time isn't a easy task.

Our kids never have the same energy level and it is tough to keep up with their energy. Kids don't like to sit idle, they are one curious bundles.  We parents get tired sometimes and what do we do?  Give them our phones, so that we are not disturbed and we can finish our work.
But by doing this aren't we actually hampering with their eyesight. 

I understand the need for kids to know our technology but that doesn't mean we just neglect the side effects of it.  Some kids won't eat unless they watch something on the phone, when you are outside planning a family time together and you want them to be well behaved you would give them the phone,  so that they don't get cranky or do something that would be humiliating . Is that a good thing?
No. So what can you do about it.

Its better not to sit with your kid with your phone unless you are talking to someone or watching something together with your kid. Basically don't leave the phone with your kid unattended. Have strict rules on how much screen time they will be allowed.

It would be good to keep them occupied into something else like coloring,  drawing,  or even reading stories together.  Remember that kids watch every move of yours. Do, when they see you doing something be it reading,  writing,  drawing or even playing outdoor.  They are inspired and encouraged by it.

Spending time with your kids playing, be it ludo,  snake and ladder or business game or scrabble or badminton or cycling, will definitely help the kids.
If your kid is just an year or less give them picture books. They will be happy to see colorful pictures and give them colors too.  Big crayons and a paper. Kids love scribbling.  Sit with them and enjoy the activity.  The bond between the parent and kid only gets stronger.

We parents are the role model for our kids, they do what we do.  So the more we spend time with them, the less they will spend time on screen.


We humans have been genetically mutated to evolve into a species that nobody can destroy.  What could be the purpose of humans?  I keep asking myself. 
What is the reason that we evolved and climbed up the ladder of being the number 1 species to survive on this planet?  I have no clue whatsoever. 
When I see animals their main aim is survive and every animal is somewhere or the other linked to one another.  From a bacteria to the elephants all are interconnected.  Their is a food chain to keep balance on the planet.  It's the way the nature works. 
I think our planet would have been better off without humans.  What are we doing on the planet.?  Other than destroying it slowly?  Giving our planet a slow painful death. 
Survival of the fittest has been the driving force of nature. We humans are doing the same,  surviving every single day.  But that's not all we are destroying everything in our path. 
What are we giving our future generations to look upto.  A place full of concrete jungles?  Fruits and vegetables laced with pesticides and insecticides?  Unclean,  unsafe,  unreliable planet.
Our future generations might never look upto us as their role models.  We have done nothing that we must feel proud off.  Just wars,  greed, crime.  Is this the reason we were the chosen one on this planet?
Our earth has enough garbage pilled up and now its in our space with so many artificial satellites around the earth and in the outer space. 
When they are done with the project they are either left on their own  to drift away or given command to crash into another planet.
Our animal kingdom has been adversely affected and displaced because of humans and we are continuing to do so.  Hope humans wake upto this alarm  before it's too late. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Remember Life Before The Internet

Ok, this might sound weird. But let me ask you, do you remember life before the “internet”? Well yes, I really did ask this and the kids went crazy. One yelled with his hands up in the air.”What do you mean without the internet? I get it, I did shock them, guess they freaked out when they heard we dint have internet once upon a time. Now they think am really old, like I am from some stone age or something.

I sat them down and told them there were days without internet and we did survive without it and life went on too. They dint believe me. I had to try harder to get them to believe that it is true. They had so many questions falling off their mouths and I had to shut them up and explain it to them one by one.

First, what is internet? The internet is a network that connects us globally through various global communication systems. Now let’s not get too involved into the definitions of it. I have very vague idea of when it took over our lives. Mostly it wasn’t a part of our growing up. It was only later that we used internet.

Immediately a kid asks, “What did you do growing up? Your life must have been boring.”
“Well technically it wasn’t boring, we had others things to keep ourselves occupied. We used to play outside, cycle around with friends, played games like hide and seek, catching each other (pakadam pakadi),lagori, skipping, cricket, badminton, getting dirty in the mud and many more.”

“Oh! Is that it?” kid looking at me surprised. I was taken aback. I thought in my head what does he mean by is that it. I said. “Well yes”. Immediately comes the response from this kid. “What about instagram? Dint you upload your selfies playing these games? “

“No, we dint do instas.” now they were petrified when I said that.

So I explained it to them .You know we had telephones back then with numbers on it and a receiver. I showed them the picture. And then they looked at it and said they have seen it in some movies. Thank god for that I thought to myself.

We used to write letters to our friends and relatives. Sometimes send post cards to each other. We used to collect stamps too. While sending a letter you needed stamps. The looks on these kids were priceless, all completely clueless of what I was talking about.  I had to show them the pictures of everything I told them to make them believe that we really used to do these things when we dint have emails, or watsapp, twitter, facebook , intagram.

The communications was different back then and it’s faster and convenient these days. There is certainly an advantage. We are instantly connected to people who are far away. But the charm of sending letters and waiting for it was totally different.

I showed these kids an encyclopaedia I have which is really huge and heavy. They took a look at it and were impressed by it. I told them this was our Google. We used to get editions of it. Encyclopaedia on animals, plants, planets .We had libraries, physical ones where we would go and pick a book of our choice and read it. Now all you need to do is Google the information you are looking for and you have all the information on your screen. Internet has really indeed made it much simpler and compact. You don’t need to carry books everywhere. All the things you need, you can have it with a click of a button. How very simple.

I still remember the school days when we would research the books to find answers or to do a project. It was definitely a different experience. The smell of a book still attracts me. No matter how many online books I read. Nothing beats the physical touch and the smell of a book; it gives me the utmost satisfaction of reading.

How many of you have albums of photos. Remember the cameras with rolls in it and then we would take the negative roll to the photo lab to get copies made. We couldn’t edit the final photo. It was a different world altogether. We had physical copies of countless photos. We would stack them all up in a box .I showed some to the kids and they were giggling.
Yes these days we are digitally storing it all up. The smart phones are handy, take a picture, upload and let everyone see where you are and what you are doing and yes with lots and lots of editing gone into it.

While showing them the photos we found an old cassette. They asked me what that was. I told them you need to watch this, I took the old tape-recorder. Put the cassette inside it and played. It had ‘A’ side and a ‘B’ side of just one movie or a collection of songs. Ta da!!!  I said. It plays music. Ok. The kids weren’t bowled over, rather looked confused. Yes I know, technology driven kids.

I mean we used to actually pay money to buy the music back then. Wait for the movie songs audio to be out in stores. It’s totally opposite now. YouTube has everything stored, and other music platform for that matter.
So are the movies, its online streaming now. Going to theatres by just booking your show, need not stand in queues waiting to buy the tickets.

After touring kids with the “days before the internet” they were impressed how we survived. Well at least now I got them interested in researching and giving them something to think on. And I said I shall prepare snacks and then came the response lets order pizzzzaaaa.  Oh ya, I forgot, now food can be order online and gets delivered too. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hope: A light at the end of a Tunnel

Many have written about it and many have given motivational speeches about Hope. Yet many search for answers on what Hope is all about. Why do we need it? Does it make any difference? What if we are disappointed? Many such questions run through our mind. We do look for the answers, still we feel lost and empty.

Hope is something to look at the future in a positive sense, an opportunity to look at the bright side of your Life. Having negativity might not help one see the possibilities in the future, Just having hope doesn't mean that everything you wish would fall into place immediately.  It takes time and when it does, you can reap the benefits. One needs to have a positive mental stability. It is one of the ways to move forward in your life. Some might call you foolish or naive, but at least you know, it’s neither false nor blind. Don’t give up on hope. Give yourself a chance.

 There are times in your life when you feel motivated and you keep hoping and wishing that you would succeed and this positivity helps you see things in a different angle. It gives a structure to your life. It’s something like being optimistic about the future. You have a better approach to your goals, you are more analytical, more organised, more goal oriented and mostly a lot of positive behavioural changes.

Why do some lose hope in themselves? Is it because it wasn’t realistic? It’s better to have realistic goals. Not fantasize about things that are too hard to achieve. Have a simplistic approach towards life. This way you wouldn’t be disappointed. Don’t carry the burden of negativity; it does no good to you. It only harms the process.

Look for inspirations around you. Keep yourself surrounded by positivity. Get yourself involved into something that you love doing. It can be reading, writing, gardening, painting or anything you are interested in. just keep yourself invested into it. This way you can avoid much of negative vibes in your life.

Have the energy to keep the hope in you burning. When you lose the fire in you, then you tend quit on it. Laughing at the situations will certainly help you relax and release you from your negative space. Keep your bonding with others, make friends, and get involved in communities. Have positive relationship helps, love yourself, love your spirituality, and love the things you love the most, have hope in yourself and stay blessed. 

Can't we get our kids away from Mobile?

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