Friday, March 8, 2019

Let women decided!

When you just cross the 30 mark and someone just calls you hey aunty. Wow!  Being aunt to my niece or nephew is something but to be an aunt for every passerby who walks by is quiet astonishing.
Its not just us women being called "aunties"  but men too are called "uncles ". But that's not it. Some go to an extent an advice as to how one needs to dress up because you look like an aunty. What does that even mean?  "look like am aunty"?  It's not only insulting but also brings out the mindset of people.
Even a woman for her age might either look older or younger but that does give anybody a right to insult them and advice them what to wear and not.
I have come across a lot about this.  Pick something trendy and girly. The Comment flies by right across your face, "that doesn't suit you.  You are married you can't wear something like that.".  Oh YA!  I totally forgot that being married means you have to dress up certain way.  Hmmm, so what dress code do men follow after being married?  Does the rule just apply on women? 
I think people who pass  such comments are either insecured or feel intimidated that a woman can look good even in her 30s and 40s or whatever.  Age is just a number.  Why is it so hard to understand.
 A woman knows her body, let her decide what looks good on her.  Women don't need anyone telling her what to do and what not to.

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